Motorcycle track days – Victoria, AUS

As a relative newbie to riding I feel there is a need for a comprehensive guide to the track days available in Victoria. So follow me as I compile my search results based on skill level and wallet opening efforts…


2 types – Weekend Heroes vs Weekday Heroes

If you have a dedicated track bike your are part of a club, have a track licence, sufficient means of transportation and supplies then you’re a Weekend Hero. Weeknights are not spent inside the house. This guide is not for you. Yet.

If your bike is road register-able then you’re a Weekday Hero. You have chosen the most cost- and time-effective route. This is who the results are aimed at.


3 tracks – Broadford, Winton and the holy Phillip Island

All 3 require full leathers (PI requires a one piece only) and a bike in road worthy condition.

B – Practice Days – $125 + $25/$100 licence

Click to access Road_Broadford_Practice_Day_Calendar.pdf

B – Champion Ride Days – $140/$170 (also available on Red Balloon and Adrenalin but only at $169),com_eventman/

B – Honda Hire Track Day – $665

W – Test n Tune – $150 + $50 licence

PI – Ride Days – $230


Now all of this would be to no avail if you don’t know how to get the most from your bike:

B – Rider Bros – $260

B – Champion Coaching – $290/$320 (also on Red Balloon)

B – Stay Upright – $445

PI – California Superbike School – $550

HART offer a course for $295 but racetrack is unknown. You must complete levels 1 ($215) & 2 ($310) first though.